The Chia Collective


The Chia Collective is more than just a collection of products. It is a celebration of simple and uncomplicated food. We believe that great food starts with high-quality, carefully chosen ingredients, which are delicately worked and always respected. For us, this emphasis on simplicity and quality starts in the field. All of our ingredients are grown without the aid of artificial sprays and the processes used to create our products are natural and chemical free; we let Mother Nature take the lead. In short, our products are simple, by nature.

The Chia Collective has been designed and produced by chia innovators, Luke and Paul. The friends, who met while studying business at Trinity College, Dublin, happened upon chia seeds during their second year when a classmate brought in a homemade chia drink. This discovery resulted in a journey of exploration into the world of product development and organic ingredient sourcing. Today, through their company, The Organic Collective Limited, they trade organic ingredients in bulk and develop cutting-edge food and drink products. The Chia Collective combines their passion for sustainable sourcing, bespoke product-design and of course, chia!